New Products

  • La_notte_wm
    La Notte - Botanic


  • Glow
    Glow - The cosmopolitan

    A truly stunning rug. Inspired by the magic beauty of sculpted rocks and frozen drops of water found in natural lime stone cave systems.

  • Tunis-white_hair_on_hide
    Tunis - Hair-on-Hide

    Fresh and captivating, this sassy hair-on-hide design offers a modern and bold spirit. Tunis is a design that offers alternating hair directions due to its unique patch work pattern. Clearly makes an impression in any room.

  • Hello_gorgeous-newsite
    Hello Gorgeous - Botanic

    Illustrated in abstract form of fine Pashmina wool, this spectacular foliage pattern is inspired by the "song of India" plant.

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Designer Sigal Sasson in a 10 Question interview with Interior Design Magazine

Life is more Beautiful when decorating with Rugs

Hello there, We all know that good design improves quality of life but we also believe that life is more beautiful when decorating with rugs. Click on the link here and find out how to

How to use a custom rugs fearlessly - My first Interview for 2014

This is one of my favorite interviews I've had with "Espirial()":, a website

Happy New 2014

RUG ART INTERNATIONAL thanks families, friends and partners and wishes all a Happy New 2014. !!

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