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  • Ambient-rugartsite
    Ambient - New Studio

    Hand crafted in Nepal this modern rug shows our deep admiration to geometric and mid-century era. Exceptional craftsmanship constructed from Himalayan wool and silk on a tightly knotted high-low cut pile.

  • New-rugart-nomad_chic
    Nomad Chic - Collections

    No Description

  • Omni
    Omni - The cosmopolitan

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  • Rainrug-newsite
    Rain - The cosmopolitan

    A rug with a WOW factor. Featuring thousands of silk knots, Rain rug captures organic and sophisticated water droplets pattern across an artfully textured rows. Rain is a beauty realized through subtle sheen and lush softness made of soft wool & silk.

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Rich palette in Hawaii

As a rug designer and artist, pattern and composition (among others) have always been essential in my design elements and as such, I believe that beautiful design improve our lives

BLUE - color that matters

The color blue. What does it signify? casual atmosphere?...inspiration?...strength?...wealth?...authority? We say all of the above and more. Decorating your home and embracing

Dog, love and peace

Every time we get new rug samples for a photo shoot we can't help it but invite the dogs to sniff 'em. If we won't do it they would do it behind our back and maybe will go beyond just sniffing.

Rug Art is in The New York Times

We love design dictators. I am a design dictator myself [my daughters would be delighted to add details to such statement], and speaking of dictatorship, we mean a home ruled by a rugs

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